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                    people working together at a desk representative of MSI working with the client to plan security.
Security Planning

From local photo shoots to worldwide conferences, each event has unique security concerns. The best security starts with a clear and effective security plan. Our expert consultants can help make your next event safe, secure and successful. Contact us today for a free consultation of your security needs.

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Event Security

Licensed Maloney Security officers and supervisors are dedicated to serving your needs and expectations, efficiently and effectively. We can provide Security Consultation, 24-hour Protection, Perimeter Patrol, Executive Protection, Crowd Management, Badge Checking, Bag Search, Metal Detection, Fire Watch, and more.

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                    Security's leadership planning security at Moscone Center.
On-Site Managers

The on-site managers are part of a team of professionals. They are the show manager's right arm. They are the show manager's personal security consultant, and when the show is over, they are the show manager's friend. Maloney Security's objective is to make your show experience a success.

Recognized Professionals

The Experts in Professional Security

Our objective is to make your show experience as worthwhile and profitable as it can be. We are fully licensed and insured to meet all requirements of any convention facility, public or private, in the Bay Area. Professional memberships in IAEM, CALI, and the Convention Bureaus of the San Francisco Bay Area speak of our dedication to you, the show manager, and to your show.

  • Whole Show Security
  • Event Planning
  • Venue Inspection
  • Booth Security

  • Badge Checking
  • Overnight Patrols
  • Executive Protection
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting

Maloney Security officers and supervisory staff are dedicated to serving your needs and expectations. Licensed by the State of California, Maloney Security Officers are carefully selected, then trained in all security procedures and emergency measures, to ensure that quality security precautions are being effectively managed and rapidly handled. Our personnel are extremely public relations conscious, wearing navy blue blazers prominently emblazoned with the MSI shield on the breast pocket, medium gray slacks, light blue dress shirts, and coordinated accessories. Supervisory personnel, as well as all key positions, are in constant radio contact with one another. On-site managers allow for staffing flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maloney Security, Inc. Established 1976
  • Are your guards licensed and insured?

    Our guards must have a current California-issued guard card. Licensed security officers are required to take 8 hours of continuing education courses per year to maintain their guard card.

  • Are guards trained to deal with confrontation and aggressive people?

    Required to observe and report, unarmed guards are a visible presence and a deterrent to crime. We have armed guards who are retired or off-duty peace officers. Their peace officer training equips them to handle such situations on site. (Armed security is at a higher rate and of limited availability.)

  • How do you locate your potential employees?

    Our hiring pool comes through word of mouth, advertisements, and job fairs.

  • What experience do your supervisors have?

    Our current supervisors are security professionals with 10 to 30 years of management expertise.

  • Do you conduct background checks on your guards?

    Each applicant must be fingerprinted by a licensed LiveScan agency (for example, Maloney Security) that sends the prints electronically to the State of California's Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation where background checks are performed. The Bureau of Security & Investigative Services subsequently reviews the background check from the DOJ and FBI, clearing or denying applicants. The BSIS mails the guard card directly to the guard. MSI checks references and previous employment.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Because we work on a first come, first served basis, we appreciate as much notice as possible so that we are not turning business away. Clients only incur a cancellation charge if MSI has not been given adequate notification to contact our guards prior to their arrival on site. In that case, the client will be charged a 4-hour minimum fee per employee that reports to duty. If an event ends earlier than expected, the 4-hour minimum applies for the current shift. Please inform the onsite contact that move-out will be accomplished ahead of the scheduled time so we can cancel future shifts. If we owe you a refund, it will be sent along with the final invoice approximately 7 business days from the last day of your move-out.

Let's Start a Conversation ...

Every customer is unique. We offer free security consultations.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have. We request some information such as your name, email, phone, and company information and the event type, name, dates, and location.

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